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A commercial invoice, a bill of lading and the ECTN certificate for Burkina Faso with a pen on a black background.

In the world of international trade, keeping up with customs regulations is necessary for efficient cargo delivery.

For importers who want to reach the Burkinabe market, acquiring an ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) is a necessary step.

This electronic certificate not only ensures compliance with Burkina Faso’s customs protocols but also streamlines the movement of cargo.

In this detailed guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process to secure your Burkina Faso ECTN, showing essential document requisites, potential penalties, processing timelines, and other vital information.

Burkina Faso ECTN is also known as CTN, BESC, BSC and ENS.

Step#1 – Understanding the importance of ECTN

Before diving deep into the intricacies, it is essential to know the pivotal role of the Burkina Faso ECTN. It serves as a prerequisite for cargo destined for Burkina Faso. This electronic cargo tracking note assures your compliance with the country’s customs regulations.

It acts as a shield against potential delays, fines, or cargo rejections upon arrival.

Step#2 Compiling Essential Documentation

Initiate the journey towards acquiring a Burkina Faso ECTN requires extra care and accuracy: At minimum, you will require the following documents.

  1. Bill of Lading (B/L): This document shows various particulars like type, quantity, destination and shipping terms.
  2. Commercial Invoice: The commercial invoice offers a panoramic view of the commercial transaction between buyer and seller. It delineates the cargo’s value and elucidates payment terms.
  3. Freight Invoice: Focusing on the financial facet of cargo transportation, the freight invoice itemizes freight charges, handling fees, and additional costs.

Step#3 Hiring Authorized ECTN Provider like us

To make process seamless, you would need to hire someone who is authorized to complete your process, like us at Our experts have deep understanding of Burkina Faso’s customs regulations and can play a pivotal role getting your CTN fast at affordable rate. We will carefully examine your documents, fix any inaccuracy and help throughout the process.

Step#4 Application Submission

Expert like us will compile all the requisite documents and submit your ECTN application to the authorities. If application is submitted timely without any mistakes then from now on everything should go smoothly.

Step#5 Scrutinizing and Validating Documents

Upon submission, Burkina Faso’s customs authorities will review your application and the documents. Depending on cargo, additional scrutiny and validation may be conducted. Ensuring prompt correspondence with authorities, accurate cargo details and the submitted documents will ensure you get ECTN timely.

Step#6 ECTN Issuance

Following successful scrutiny and validation, Burkina Faso’s customs authorities will provide you with the ECTN certificate. This certificate stands as a concrete confirmation of following the Burkina Faso’s customs regulations, allowing its import.

The validity duration of the ECTN certificate depends on time, cargo type and destinations.

ECTN Processing Time

Based on your submission, we mostly provide Draft ECTN within 24hours. Overall, it depends on factors like cargo complexity, documents, and total application volume at the authorities. Sometimes, application could also take from few days to weeks but actions can be taken to expedite the process.

Penalties and Adherence

Not following the rules or providing incomplete information with mistakes or not submitting application at the right time can result in fines, penalties, denial of cargo or more.

Are you ready to get your Burkina Faso ECTN?

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