Gabon BIETC is mandatory for all ports in Gabon, including Port of Gentil, Libreville and other. Gabon authorities issued a new regulation in 2010 which states that a BIETC certificate must accompany all shipments to Gabon and the absence of it will cause severe consequences and high amounts of penalties. However, if your shipments final destination isn’t Gabon, in some cases, you don’t have to have this certificate.

Despite being mandatory and crucial, the ECTN is still one of the most overlooked certificates.

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      What is BIETC?

      BIETC stands for Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons, which translates to Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) in English. The ECTN’s purpose is evident from its name. It is utilized by authorities to track, manage, and supervise all cargos from loading to discharge.

      The authorities use this information about the shipment even before it arrives at the destination port. It encompasses details about the exporter, the importer, the goods being transported, the vessel name, the prices, and more.

      What are the required documents for BIETC?

      Gabon BIETC Certificate
      Gabon BIETC sample certificate

      All you need is 3-4 documents that you can find in the following:

      • Bill of Lading: It contains details about the exporter, the importer, the weight of the goods, the shipping line, the vessel name, etc.
      • Commercial Invoice: It includes the details of the goods, the freight cost, the incoterm, and some other charges if there is any, etc.
      • Freight Invoice: This is a document, only required if the freight cost is not on the commercial invoice.
      • Export Customs Declaration: Customs Officials of the exporter country prepares this document, and it lists the goods getting transported and has a detailed description of them.

      What are the consequences of not it?

      You have about 5-15 days after the departure, depending on the loading port, to validate the BIETC. Authorities are strict about rules and if you fail to submit the certificate within the time frame, you might have to pay a fee up to $2.500 plus the regulation fee determined by Gabon Customs Officials. Your cargo won’t have an entry clearance; and will be returned to the origin.


      Certificate cost depends on the number of Bill of Ladings and the containers, the country of origin, the port of discharge, etc. This is why we can’t give you an exact price for the CTN. But if you share your shipment’s details with us we can provide you the best charges for your certificate.

      We offer free quotation.

      How long does it take to get Gabon BIETC certificate?

      We provide draft Gabon BIETC certificate within 24 hours. We provide certificates to exporters all over the World.

      Why is the Gabon BIETC mandatory?

      In order to assure adequate supervision, monitoring, and documentation of cargo shipments entering the country, the Gabonese authorities adopted the BIETC requirement. It makes customs clearance easier, ensures compliance with import/export laws, and helps prevent smuggling.

      Do I need to obtain Gabon BIETC?

      A valid BIETC must be obtained by all importers, exporters, or their representatives who are in charge of cargo shipments entering Gabon. Both commercial and noncommercial shipments fall under this.

      Is it possible to apply for a Gabon BIETC online?

      Yes, BIETC providers like us provide online service where you can submit your application and required documents electronically and collect the BIETC.

      Which ports in Gabon require (cargo waiver) BIETC certificate?

      All ports in Gabon require this certificate including the Top 5:

      • Port of Owendo:
        The Port of Owendo is the largest and busiest port in Gabon. The Port of Owendo is located near the capital city, Libreville, and consequently serves as a major hub for both containerized and general cargo. It handles various types of commodities, including petroleum products, minerals, and general goods.
      • Port of Port-Gentil:
        Located in the city of Port-Gentil, the Port of Port-Gentil is a significant oil and gas port in Gabon. It primarily handles the export of petroleum products, including crude oil and refined petroleum.
      • Port of Libreville:
        As the capital city’s port, the Port of Libreville plays a crucial role in facilitating trade and transportation in Gabon. It handles various types of cargo, including general goods, construction materials, and food products.
      • Port of Owendo Special Economic Zone (SEZ):
        This port, located within the Owendo area, serves as an economic zone and facilitates trade, manufacturing, and industrial activities.
      • Port of Gamba:
        Situated in the town of Gamba, the Port of Gamba is primarily focused on the oil and gas industry. It serves as an important export point for petroleum-related products and supports offshore activities in the region.

      Which countries are the biggest exporters to Gabon?

      1. China
      2. France
      3. United States
      4. Belgium
      5. Netherlands
      6. India
      7. Germany
      8. Italy
      9. United Arab Emirates
      10. South Africa
      11. United Kingdom
      12. Spain
      13. Switzerland
      14. Brazil
      15. Turkey
      16. Saudi Arabia
      17. Malaysia
      18. Canada
      19. Russia
      20. Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

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