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Egypt ACID Number ACI Filing

The Advanced Cargo Information Declaration, commonly known as the ACID Number, stands at the forefront of Egypt’s efforts to enhance port security and streamline customs processes. Instituted by the Egyptian government, this mandatory regulation ensures that every shipment is pre-verified, facilitating smoother transitions through customs and bolstering the overall safety and efficiency of trade operations.

The ACID system is not just about compliance; it’s a strategic tool designed to secure the supply chain and promote a more predictable trading environment. By adhering to this requirement, businesses contribute to a more stable and reliable import/export system, paving the way for hassle-free shipping experiences.

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    What is ACI Filing Egypt?

    ACI Filing, or Advanced Cargo Information Filing, is a critical component of Egypt’s customs management system, designed to modernize and secure the import process. Initiated by the Egyptian Customs Authority, ACI Filing mandates that all cargo shipments destined for Egypt undergo a pre-shipment registration process. This requirement is part of Egypt’s broader initiative to implement the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) standards for trade facilitation and cargo security.

    The ACI filing process involves submitting detailed cargo information electronically before the goods are shipped to Egypt. This pre-shipment data submission allows the Egyptian Customs to assess and clear shipments more rapidly upon arrival, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing the overall efficiency of the import process. It’s a proactive measure to ensure transparency, accuracy, and security in the trade supply chain, helping to prevent fraud, smuggling, and other illicit activities.

    By integrating technology with customs procedures, ACI Filing Egypt represents a significant step forward in streamlining trade operations, fostering a more secure and efficient environment for international commerce with Egypt.

    How to Obtain Your Egypt ACID Number

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining your ACID number, streamlining your shipping process in 4 steps:

    1. Registration on Nafeza or CargoX: Your first step involves your company being registered on Egypt’s digital trade gateway, Nafeza, or the approved CargoX platform. This is where you’ll need to provide detailed firm information, setting the foundation for your ACID application.
    2. Document Preparation: Compile all required documents for your shipment. This typically includes the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Invoice in Excel format, Packing List, and Certificate of Origin. Ensure accuracy and completeness to facilitate a smooth verification process.
    3. Submission and Verification: With your documents in order, you may submit them to us. The Egyptian Customs Authority will review your submission for any discrepancies. It’s crucial that all documents accurately match the details of your shipment to avoid delays or rejections.
    4. Receiving Your ACID Number: Upon successful verification, the Egyptian Customs Authority will issue your ACID number. This number is vital for your consignee in Egypt, who will need to note it on the documents they provide from their end.

    By meticulously following these steps and ensuring that all your documentation is accurate and comprehensive, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your Egypt ACID Number. This not only ensures compliance with Egyptian regulations but also minimizes the potential for delays, ensuring your goods are cleared through customs efficiently.

    What Happens If You Don’t Have an ACID Number?

    Not having an Egypt ACID Number can introduce several challenges and consequences for your shipments, which are crucial to understand:

    • Customs Clearance Delays: One of the immediate impacts of not having an ACID number is significant delays in customs clearance. Without this number, your shipment cannot be pre-verified, leading to longer processing times at Egyptian ports and potential disruption to your supply chain.
    • Financial Penalties: The Egyptian authorities enforce strict penalties for shipments that arrive without the necessary ACID documentation. These fines can be substantial, adding unplanned costs to your shipping budget and affecting your bottom line.
    • Risk of Cargo Rejection: In more severe cases, the absence of an ACID number may result in your cargo being denied entry into Egypt. This not only leads to additional costs for return or redirection but can also damage business relationships and reputation.

    The requirement for an ACID number is a critical part of Egypt’s efforts to secure its trade environment and streamline customs operations. Ensuring that you have obtained this number before your shipment reaches Egypt is essential to avoid these significant consequences.

    Navigating the ACID Number with CargoX and Nafeza

    Understanding the roles and benefits of these platforms is crucial for compliance and efficient shipment processing.

    CargoX is an innovative blockchain platform designed for the secure and efficient transfer of documents and data, including ACID documentation. Its primary role in the ACID registration process is to provide a secure environment for the submission and verification of the necessary shipping documents. The platform’s use of blockchain technology ensures that all data transmitted is tamper-proof and traceable, offering a high level of security for your sensitive shipment information.

    Nafeza, on the other hand, is Egypt’s national single window for foreign trade facilitation, operated by the Egyptian Customs Authority. This comprehensive platform serves as the main portal for submitting all required import documentation, including the ACID. Nafeza streamlines the process of document submission, ensuring that all necessary information is efficiently collected and processed by the customs authority, facilitating smoother and quicker customs clearance.

    Start Your ACID Application Now

    Ready to apply for the ACID Number? Ensure your cargo meets all regulatory requirements by starting your ACID application today. Our team is here to guide you through each step, making compliance simple and straightforward.


    What is the validity of the ACID number in Egypt?

    The ACID number’s validity is tied to the specific shipment it is issued for. Once a shipment has been cleared, the ACID number for that particular transaction is considered fulfilled.

    How do you generate the ACID number?

    The ACID number is generated by the Egyptian Customs Authority after successful submission and verification of the required documentation through the Nafeza or CargoX platforms.

    Who provides the ACID number?

    The Egyptian Customs Authority provides the ACID number through the Nafeza system or CargoX platform, following the successful verification of your shipment documents.

    Is CargoX mandatory in Egypt?

    No, you can use CargoX or the Nafeza platform to apply for the ACID Number for Egypt. You can also contact us for any questions you have on the ACID Number or if you want us to apply on your behalf.

    What does ACID stand for, and how do ACID transactions work?

    ACID stands for Advanced Cargo Information Declaration. It’s a system designed to pre-validate cargo information before arrival, facilitating smoother customs clearance and enhancing security.

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